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Moorse Goats

Specializing in High Quality Dairy Goats since 2009

Welcome to Moorse Goats, where we are located in south west Minnesota. We have owned goats for 18 years now, and have been a member of ADGA since 2008. On May 25th of 2004 I received my first goats as a birthday present, they were twin Nubian kids, a buck and a Doe. For the next four years we learned a lot about goats and slowly started to build a herd. In 2008 we bought our first registered animals, and that is when our story really begins.  The first registered animals that we had were all bucks, so we started by “breeding up” from just goats to recorded grades, we slowly started to add registered does to the herd as well.

In 2011 I was ready to start showing at ADGA shows, so in June of 2011 I attended my first ADGA show. I may not have won anything but I sure did learn a lot, and not to mention I met so many great people that I now call close friends! In 2012 we attended two ADGA shows and picked up our first dry leg ever at the one show! In 2013 we weren’t able to make it to any club shows but we did make it to the 2013 National show in St. Paul MN. We were so thrilled with our results including Moorse-G Foxy being named Reserve Junior National Champion Recorded Grade! This win is what got us really excited and dedicated to continue on this path with Dairy Goats. Not to mention that Foxy’s Great Grandmother was the first Alpine we owned! In 2013 we also exhibited at the MN State Fair for the first time.

In 2014 I was ready to hit the show circuit full speed, and at our first show of the year we brought home 2 Best in Show awards. The rest of 2014 was filled with more shows, lots of fun, and a ton of learning, including attending the National show helping one of my Great friends take care of and help show her beautiful does! 2015 was also filled with lots of shows, wins, laughs and lots of new friends. 2015 also brought our first 2 Permeant Champions! Including our first homebred champion who’s Great grandmother was our first Alpine we ever owned! 

2016 was a pretty special year for us! As I’m writing this up we have been to three shows so far this year and just had our first ever Linear Appraisal session!  So far this show season we have finished 3 does, all homebred! We have also picked up milking and dry legs on numerous does, and have won two BJDIS! The highlight of our appraisal was having two homebred does go EX90 and EX 91, and achieving very good scores on so many of our young does!

2017 was another great year for us! We attended 4 shows in 2017. At the first show we finished our first lamancha ever, she also went on to win a BSDIS! At the National show in Madison we had a strong showing. I was honored to be named the Premier youth exhibitor for the Alpine and Sannen breeds. Garrett and Grady were also members of the first-place fitting team! At our 3rd show we were lucky enough to finish our first homebred Saanen! The Minnesota state fair was as competitive as ever, we had our strongest showing yet. Including winning Grand Champion Saanen with CH Moorse-G Story of my life. Linear appraisal came around in September where we earned 3 new excellent homebred does!

2018 was a year we will never forget. This year was a roller coaster ride, so many highs and lows, but we came out on top in the end. This year was filled with many show wins, 4 new Champions, lots of other legs as well. We attended The National show in Columbus Ohio, where we had many great placings including the Jr. National champion Recorded Grade with Moorse-G TR Ferrari. The Minnesota State fair was also a great show for us. So many great placings in the age classes and group classes, along with being the premier lamancha exhibitor. The highlight was Ferrari being named the Best jr. Doe in Show. 

2019 came and gone and it was a roller coaster of a year. We finished 5 different does, and picked up numerous restricted legs. Highlights of the year was winning BJDIS at the Iowa State fair, and having our first two EX 92 EEEE Does. Breeding season was a struggle, and we look forward to 2020 kidding and show seasons. 

2020 was a difficult year to grasp, we had a very successful kidding season and was really looking forward to a large show season. Thankfully we did make it out to two shows. The highlights are a couple BIS wins, but mainly getting to see so many friends again. Breeding season is slowly wrapping up. 

2021 was a good year, we had a successful kidding season. Show season was a fun one with lots of good wins but more importantly lots of time hanging out with our goat family. Louisville nationals was a blast with lots of great placing's as well. Breeding season has had some exciting things happen including doing some IVF/ET work for the first time. We look forward to an hopefully easy kidding season and a hopeful big trip to Pennsylvania next June for the national show.

2022 was a great year! Success at the shows and seeing our friends made it a great year. We made the trek to Pennsylvania in June and had a good trip and a great time! The MN state fair was great as well, including the BOB Saanen and Lamancha, as well as being Premier exhibitor of both breeds.

The health of our kids is one of our main priorities. Our kids are pulled immediately at birth, given colostrum replacer for the first 3 feedings. After that they are given milk replacer or pasteurized milk. We move kids onto a nipple pail as soon as the kid is able to, we feed milk 3 times a day for the first month or two, depending on a few factors. They get moved to twice a day feeding for another month or so, and get weaned any time after 3 months old. Our kids are given free choice grain, hay, and water at two weeks old. In purchasing a kid from us you can be sure you are going to get a healthy kid from us. 

We don’t take traditional reservations. We will for sure put you on a waiting list for what you’re looking for.  We will take reservations first come first serve. If a breeding intrigues you let us know, and we will inform you if there is anything available. Once purchase is agreed upon customer has 4 weeks to pay and pick up the kid, or arrange transport.

We have a lot of big plans in the works for the next year, and are so excited for the journey that they may present! Of course I couldn’t do all that I do without the help and support of my family and friends! Thank you to all of my friends and breeders who have entrusted me with their genetics, I can’t thank you enough! Another big thank you to my Goat family and mentors that I continually ask questions to, without all of you, I would not be where I am today!

For more information and picture you can find us on face book at Moorse Goats. For any questions, or anything you would like to discuss please contact me at or at (507) 530-3175.

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